Happy December everyone. My apologies for not updating this in a while. This month my focus was on finishing my final exams for graduate school, (which took a lot more time than I was hoping), then I got sidetracked with the holidays.

It is much easier to fall out of a routine than it is to build one. Once you stop doing something, like exercising,  dieting, or writing in my case, it can be difficult to get going again on the regular.

The good news is, it happens to everyone no matter how disciplined we try to be, we are all humans (or most of us) and life sometimes get in the way.

The most important thing we can do is just get going again. One step at a time, one meal at a time, or one post at a time, whatever it takes. Just get moving again.

So excuses aside, I am back! I am looking forward to closing out 2018 as strong as possible, I hope you are as well. The next few days are the perfect time to reflect on your last 12 months and make a plan for the upcoming new year.

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