feeling inadequate

inadequate (adjective):

  • lacking the quality or quantity required; insufficient for a purpose.
  • (of a person) unable to deal with a situation or with life.

Believe it or not, we have all suffered from feelings of inadequacy at times. Even the most strong, and confident of people have felt this way at some point.

It’s not an emotion we often think about when dealing with other people. But it is one that deserves a little bit of attention and thoughtfulness.

To be the strongest versions of ourselves, we should NEVER seek to make someone feel inadequate in our presence. Either on purpose or by unintentionally.

By creating feelings of inadequacy, we create feelings of anger and hostility at the same time. People who feel inadequate will not want to be in your presence.

Focus instead on building self-confidence in other people, NOT on breaking them down.

Image result for look at a man for what he is

Humans are pack animals. We need a strong pack as a means of survival.

The relationship of the pack does not matter; teacher-student, parent-child, peer-peer,  feelings of inadequacy can manifest in any social situation.

Building up those around you only makes you stronger in the process. Be mindful of this, next time you have the opportunity.

No one wants to feel inadequate.




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