danger short-sight distance

The other day I was out walking my dog Magnum, and we came across a street sign that read “danger short sight distance”.


Magnum like the sign because he got to pee on it, and I really enjoyed this sign because it signaled drivers to stop texting for a minute and drive your damn car. Either way, it served as a good reminder to pay attention.

Then I realized the significance of this sign and how it can apply to everyday life. Having short-sightedness is dangerous because it doesn’t allow us to see where we are going.

Life, unlike a car, doesn’t really slow down. Life is either moving (living), or it’s not moving (death). 

So pay attention to where this life is taking you. Not only what’s directly in front of you (short term), but whats further down the road as well (long term).

We don’t drive without having a destination in mind. So we should probably have a target to aim for in our life as well (goals).

Today is the final day of November 2018. 11/2018 will never be again. And I hope you made the most out of it. But, today is also the perfect day to start planning for December 2018 and even better yet, whatever may be beyond 12/2018.





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