pathways to meaning

I was asked yesterday on my Instagram how you can find meaning in your life when you don’t feel like you have any.

  • First, we can often find meaning and a sense of purpose through our work.

So you may be thinking, okay but my job sucks, trust me, I’ve been there so, (1) change your attitude toward your crappy job; (2) find work which you enjoy, even if that means doing something for free, or volunteering with an organization you are passionate about.

  • Second, meaning can be found through loving someone/thing fully.

Nietzsche said, for those who have a why can bear almost in how.

Once you take the focus off from yourself and start doing things for the betterment of someone else you (family, spouse, lover, pets, etc) you gain more reasons that yourself.

Speaker and Author Eric Thomas used an example of this when finishing his Ph.D.  which was a real test of grit for the previously homeless high school drop out. He said by doing the work for his family, it became much easier to push through the struggle.

  • Third, we can find meaning through our attitude in which we take toward unavoidable suffering.

Life is a struggle. It comes full of hardships and pain. Humans are not immune to this. Without struggle, there is no life. Watch NatGeo wild for an hour and you will quickly see there is a struggle amongst all living species.

What we think of as unavoidable suffering is usually far from the true definition. Starbucks being out of cold brew is not a struggle. Like I said in numero uno, if you can’t change your circumstances, change your attitude toward them.

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