you’re lazy

Four keys to battling your inner lazy self

  1. Plan your day. Plan your time, or time will make a plan for you. Make a list of a few things you have to get done today and this week. And set out to do them. Don’t skip them, and don’t do other shit until they are done.
  2. Write it down. Go old school and make notes on a pad of paper. Make a daily, and weekly to-do list. Crossing off your to-do list is highly rewarding. Looking at tasks left undone is often enough motivation to keep grinding.
  3. Stop hitting snooze. Next time you set your damn alarm, get up when it rings. Yes, you will be tired, yes you might still be drunk from last night. But getting up and getting started is half the battle. Fight it.
  4. Bounce. Life is undoubtedly going to knock you on your ass. Sometimes pretty hard. The good news is, it happens to all of us. So, when it happens to you. Bounce. Get back up and fight for position. You can either be a victim, or you can be a victor.  The choice is yours so I suggest you fight like hell for the latter.


Face it. You’re lazy.  I know this, because I am lazy too. There is something that is within human nature that just screams laziness.

We, as humans, want everything the easy way. We want it the fast way. We want it cheap. It’s just how things work. We live off instant gratification and drive-thru Starbucks.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with that. But its just not how life works. Nothing, in the long run, is cheap, easy and fast.

Life is a drawn-out series of continual grinds, day after day, hour after hour. Life doesn’t give us dollar menus. There is no 30 minutes or less guarantee in life.

In fact, sometimes we can spend years or even decades working on something just to have it take shit on us in the end.

And that’s okay. The purpose of life isn’t always to win. No one gets a participation trophy at death’s door.

You either win, or you don’t. And it really doesn’t matter how many times you don’t as long as you do one more time. You can lose 10 times in a row, but that 11th time is your time to shine.

The problem is, we are lazy. We quit and give up if we don’t get it right away.  Every single day is battle to be won. Keep fighting the good fight. Save being lazy for someone else.






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