getting un-stuck

Are you tired of getting the same old results? I know the feeling, and there is only one way to break from this routine. You have to step outside of your comfort zone.

No growth comes from within the comfort zone. If you want new outcomes, you have to  first change the input.

It’s like planting a garden. You cannot plant corn and then be upset come harvest time because you don’t have any beans.

If you want beans, then start planting beans and stop planting corn.

The harvest is not enough though. First, there are several months in between planting and the harvest where the crops have to be cared for.

You can rarely just throw some seeds down and come back several months later for a harvest.  You have to care for your crops, you have to weed them, and water them. You have to make sure the temperature and soil are just right.

It’s like that old facebook game Farmville (which sadly I admit I have played). Even in that game, you cannot just leave your farm to run itself.

The same is true with your mind, you have to care for the thoughts and actions you allow into your life. Thoughts and actions are the seeds and your mind is the soil.

Take care of it. Afterall a good harvest requires consistent care and hard work from start to finish.

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