I am a big fan of goal setting. However, there is one goal that I wish to never see on someone’s goal board, the goal of “being happy”.

Although this is a well-meaning goal, happiness is not something you can get. Having happiness isn’t the same as having a cold. It’s not something that physically forces you to alter a behavior.

Rather, happiness is something you either have or you don’t. It’s like the title to a vehicle. Sure you can have possession of the vehicle without a title, but in order to truly own the vehicle, you must have the title.

Happiness is also not dependant on circumstances. You can choose right now to be happy. You don’t need to wait for that job or wait until the kids are out of school, or wait until this or that to take place. You can choose happiness.

The nervous system processes information by first observing the stimuli, and then by dictating the appropriate response.

Stub your toe (stimuli) get mad about it (response).

Or stub your toe (stimuli), think “ouch that hurt, now I know where that table is and I wont be doing that again” (response).

The same stimuli can present an opportunity for you to choose your response.

You are your nervous system.  You can choose how to respond to stimuli. Just as you can choose to be happy right now.

Choose happiness now







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