When you think of yourself? What usually comes to mind first? Your looks, personality, attitude?

The self-image is a complex system of how you “see” yourself. This includes how you see your abilities, your appearance, and even your personality.

Within the self-image, there is a fine line between being a narcissist and seeing yourself in a positive, likable manner.

When it comes to self-image, there is good news and bad news.

Starting with the bad: The self-image is usually something that is developed during the early childhood years. Some psychologists even say we develop our self-image between 2-5 years old.

It is often during these years when our parents and other well-meaning adults start labeling us. He is athletic, he is a slow learner, he is a fast learner, he is artistic, etc, etc, etc.

The good news is, you don’t have to blame mom and dad. The self-image is a self  governed system. Meaning you can change how you see your self. The process is slow, much like changing your physical appearance, but it is possible.

Start by creating yourself image.

First, you have to change the way you think about yourself. Instead of thinking “of course, I am running late. I am always late.” Shift your mindset to, “I’m running late, I must get things in order, it is unlike me to be late”.

Second, you must repeat this process for anything you wish to change about yourself. You have to do this day in and day out. When you picture yourself, see the person you could be, see the person you are going to be and focus on that self-image.

This process has to be completed for every character trait you wish you change; lifestyle, habits, diet, money, exercise, relationships.

After all, it is your self-image. Not your spouses, not your bosses, and surely not mom and dads. Create your own self-image, stop blaming others for your behavior, and don’t merely accept the image others placed upon you.

Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.






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