power of the crowd

Humans are pack animal. This behavior is evident when in a crowd.

Crowds give an individual a sense of anonymity, and power through numbers.

This type of behavior is often evident in the streets of cities across the country after a sports team has won (or lost) a major event.

Take for instance the Philadelphia Eagles 2018 Superbowl win. Afterward, the fans in Philly went on a rampage. Flipping cars, and setting fires.

Members of a crowd are likely to experience great effects of suggestibility from others. They fear being turned on by members of the crowd, so they tend to go along with the action they would never do if alone.

Super fans are not the only people who can fall victim to this type of behavior.

Be mindful of the crowd you hang around with.

Always remember that you are responsible for your actions. No matter if you are alone, or in a group.

Crowds can have a tendency to steer you in a direction, whether you want to go or not.

So next time you find yourself going with the flow, take a long hard look at the direction in which that flow is headed. Make sure it is a direction in which you want to go.


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