every day

When we think of a champion or someone who is at the top of their perspective sport, we often think of them on a podium, them getting their hand raised in the ring, or hoisting the trophy high above their head as adoring fans and supports shower them with champagne.

However, these are only very small aspects of being a champion.

The champion spends much more time working behind the scenes than in the spotlight.

Winning is not done the day of. Rather, the event is won by the long hours behind the scenes. The cold morning runs, the sessions spent in an empty gym. Those are what separates the competitors from the champions.

Being a champion is a lifestyle. Its an everyday set of habits and actions.

If you want to be a champion, start thinking and acting like one. What do you need to do in order to become a champion?

Try this mental exercise: start thinking of yourself as a champion. How would you behave and act? Would you skip those training days when you don’t feel like going to the gym? Would you eat that second piece of cake? Or would you stay disciplined and focused on your goal. Remember, being a champion is more of a lifestyle than an event.

Live it. every single day


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