stop hitting blind

I am no golfer, but I have been around the sport enough to know that anyone who is decent at the sport never just swings carelessly at the ball.

Instead, they have an exact location where they are aiming the ball to land. If they are good enough, they can see, in detail, where they want the ball to land before ever taking the shot.

Does it always land where they intend? No, absolutely not. And that is a part of sport that is also true for life.

We cannot always get our ball to land perfectly on the fairway. Sometimes we end up buried in the rough.

This doesn’t have to mean that the game is over. We just need a few extra strokes to get back to where we intended.

Just as a good golfer can see where the ball is going before swinging the club, we have to see where we are going before ever leaving. To many of us just swing carelessly blind at life.

Start focusing on where you intend to land before you start swinging. You won’t always land directly where you intend, but you have to know where the pin is before you set off swinging.

See it in as much detail as possible.

Then line up and take the shot.


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