mindset monday

Change your own thought pattern.

Sometimes when we get caught up in the midst of a hard workout or event, we start focusing on the pain.

Your legs are burning. Your lunges are screaming. Your heart is beating in your throat.

Ever felt that?

I know I have.

What normally happens when those feelings start to creep their way into our conscious minds?

We start focusing on them. We focus on the pain they bring with them.

Damn that hurts we start thinking as the pain intensifies.

Guess what. Pain is real. Breaking a bone is pain. Lungs burning from a sprint is discomfort. There is a major difference between the two. Pain is helpful. It tells you when you tap out or throttle back.  Discomfort, on the other hand, is what we are feeling, and discomfort is lying to you.

Discomfort is your brain telling you something is not normal.

It’s not telling you that you’re in pain. It’s telling you there is discomfort.

Acknowledge and move on.

It’s like when someone tells you it’s raining outside, while you are already outside getting wet. Oh no kidding, you think. Biting your tongue.

Next time your heart is in your throat, your legs are screaming and your lungs are burning, accept it as a notification, think, oh not kidding and move on.

Don’t give your discomfort power.

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