live now

People ask me all the time,

Caleb, how do you stay so motivated?

My answer is always the same.

I don’t. I’m not motivated. When my alarm rings at 430 AM, I wake up with the same initial thought as you… fuck this. I’m tired, I’m cold, and I hate getting up early. 

The key is, I get motivated. I don’t stay motivated. You don’t stay clean if you only shower once a week. You get clean when you shower daily. Motivation is a daily thing.

So what keeps me getting motivated day in and day out?

One simple fact.

We are slowly dying.

Someday we will all be dead. I know. Some people hate thinking about this. I know I am not all that comfortable with it sometimes either.

But knowing that I am someday going to die keeps me grinding away on the path. It keeps me from hitting the snooze too many times. It keeps me honest.

Since I know I am going to die, I choose to not put my life on hold. I am not willing to trade in my goals and say I’ll get to that someday. 

For many of us, someday will never come. We are not guaranteed tomorrow, so stop waiting to live.



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