start with why

You will never make it far in life if you don’t have a why.

This can be something simple, like wanting to live a healthier life in order to gain more years to spend with family. Or getting out of debt to gain more financial freedom.

Or it can be something direct, like training for an event, studying for a degree, losing weight for a wedding.

Either way, you have to have a why.

The why itself does not matter as much as making sure you have one. 

I watch people all the time come into the gym train hard for an upcoming event or competition, and then afterward they are gone for several weeks or months.

I have seen people work their asses off to lose weight, only to lose the weight and then find it again a few short months later.

It’s easy to work toward something when you have a why.

Whys are not stationary

These can, and should change with you. Once you reach it, set a new one out in the not so distant future.

Having a why in place keeps you going when you want to give up.

Whatever you are setting out to do, do it for a purpose.

Keep working toward something.

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