The opinion you have of yourself is your reality.

I’m not talking about being a self-grandiose ego driven asshole.

I’m talking about how you think about yourself when you think about yourself.

Are the thoughts you hold in your head positive? Negative? neutral? Chances are, they are on the latter half of that scale.

Sadly, more often than not, we tend to think of our negative qualities before we think about our positive self-attributes.

We start exercise routines, and diets but instead of looking at the progress we have made in such a short period of time, we look at all the negatives and things we don’t like.  Remember, you can’t undo several years of bad health habits in just a few short months.

If this sounds like you worry not. This is a type of learned behavior, and like all behavior, it can be changed with enough concentrated effort.

Try this:

  • Think of a few things you like about yourself. They can be anything, from looks to intelligence, to a certain skill you have developed.  Anytime you start to think down on yourself recall these attributes.  These are often unique to you and no one else.


  • Stop judging others by their flaws and faults. Seeking these things out in others only makes them more evident in yourself as well. Ignore these traits in others and focus on the good they bring to your life. If you find these people don’t bring good to your life, minimize the role they play.

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