Dissecting Mental Toughness: V

Welcome to the 5th and final post on Mental Toughness traits. If you haven’t yet, I would highly recommend starting here: https://calebburzan.com/2018/09/12/a-12-pack-of-mental-toughness/. The first four posts on this subject are linked below.

10. Remaining fully-focused on the task at hand in the face of competition-specific distractions

  • There will be distractions. You cannot control them, you can, however, control how you respond, or better yet don’t respond to them.
  • Use mental practice prior to events to help tune out unwanted distractions come game day.
  • You can’t control the judges, refs, equipment, weather. But you can control your attitude.

11. Pushing back the boundaries of physical and emotional pain, while still maintaining
technique and effort under distress (in training and competition)

  • The pain will come. If you feel it, your competitors feel it as well.
  • Push thru the pain and keep fighting. This is especially important during tough training sessions. Train to win, not just compete.

12. Regaining psychological control following unexpected, uncontrollable events

  • The best trait a professional athlete can develop is the ability to forget the previous play/event and move on.
  • Good or bad. Never dwell on the previous situation. Clear your mind of it and focus on your next move. When you get momentum, keep it.
  • Once you step into that ring to defend your title, you are no longer the champion. You are not defending your title, you are fighting for it.


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