Dissecting Mental Toughness Part IV

Part 4 of the mental toughness series. If you haven’t yet, check the links below to catch up.

6. Accepting that competition anxiety is inevitable and knowing that you can cope with it

  • Learn to not only accept, but thrive on competition related anxiety. Do not allow these feelings to negatively affect your performance.
  • Remember, during any sort of competition, everyone involved experiences some sort of pre-event pressure and anxiety. From the judges and officials to the coaches and team staff, to the players and athletes. The ones who can control this anxiety are the ones who often rise to the top of their chosen endeavor.
  • Get your butterflies to fly in formation

7. Not being adversely affected by others’ good and bad performances

  • Your performance is just that, your performance.
  • Being able to stick to the plan is a critical skill when it comes to being mentally tough.
  • Don’t let your opponents dictate how you perform.

We often see this take place as a momentum shift. The opposing team or player makes a big play, and the other team cannot respond. The pressure of the situation overwhelms them and they get caught up in the moment.

Understand: you don’t need big plays in regular situations. You need consistency in small plays. Stick to your game plans and focus on the task at hand. Not the performance of others. If you are behind, focus on the game plan. If you are ahead, keep hammering until you are out of reach.

8. Remaining fully-focused in the face of personal life distractions

  • Donn the armor of battle
  • When taking the competition floor, nothing else matters anymore. Leave the worries of personal life in the locker room.
  • The Roman gladiators often had parties and feasts the night before taking part in the games.

Understand: Roman gladiators fought to the death. If they took their personal life worries into the Colosseum with them, they weren’t coming out alive. You might not be fighting to the death, but you should have the same mindset. Once the armor of battle is upon you, the only thing that matters is returning alive.

Your event gear is your armor. Once dressed, your focus must shift to performing to the best of your abilities and complete and utter destruction of your opponents.

9. Switching a sport focus on and off as required

  • Flip the mental light

Understand: focus can be turned on and off just like the light switch in your kitchen. When it is time to sport, flip the switch. When its over, turn the lights off.

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