Dissecting Mental Toughness Part II

This is part II of IV in the Mental Toughness series. The original post can be found here, part I can be viewed here. Start there.

This post will look at 2 of the 12 mental toughness traits in closer detail. As always, mental toughness is not just for the athlete. Life is hard, it’s much harder when you’re weak. Focus on training your mental toughness game just as you would your physical strength.

Remember: strong mind strong body. Strong body strong mind.

2. Having an unshakable self-belief that you possess unique qualities and abilities

that make you better than your opponents

  • There is no one on the competition floor that possesses the same unique qualities and abilities that you have. You are one of a kind. Everything you have endured in your life and training up until this point has added a layer to this self-belief. The good, the bad, everything. Accept it, learn from it, use it, and move on.

3. Having an insatiable desire and internalized motives to succeed

  • A winning mindset must be internalized. You will never succeed if your goals are externalized. If you are competing for someone else (parents, friends, etc), or for the social status and recognition the drive and desire are not sustainable in the long term.


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