A 12 Pack of Mental Toughness

Way back in 2002, researchers from the University of Wales and the University of Wales Institute, (which also happens to be my grandparent’s homeland (Cymru am byth!)) identified 12 traits that mentally tough athletes all exhibit.

Take a look at all 12 and self-assess your mental strengths and weaknesses.

1. Having an unshakable self-belief in your ability to achieve your competition goals

2. Having an unshakable self-belief that you possess unique qualities and abilities
that make you better than your opponents

3. Having an insatiable desire and internalized motives to succeed

4. Bouncing back from performance set-backs as a result of increased determination
to succeed

5. Thriving on the pressure of competition

6. Accepting that competition anxiety is inevitable and knowing that you can cope with it

7. Not being adversely affected by others’ good and bad performances

8. Remaining fully-focused in the face of personal life distractions

9. Switching a sport focus on and off as required

10. Remaining fully-focused on the task at hand in the face of competition-specific distractions

11. Pushing back the boundaries of physical and emotional pain, while still maintaining
technique and effort under distress (in training and competition)

12. Regaining psychological control following unexpected, uncontrollable events

Take your mental game to the next level, contact me.


Jones, G.Hanton, S. and Connaughton, D. 2002What is this thing called mental toughness? An investigation of elite sport performersJournal of Applied Sport Psychology,, 14: 205218.

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