Master the Basics

Just the Tip:

basics are the fundamental building blocks of the future

Stop thinking of basics as if they are simple.

Instead, think of them as building a wall. Every time you master a basic movement, you are adding one layer to the wall. Stop trying to build your pyramid upside down.

Master the basics first.

Mastering the basics sounds boring right? 

Well, sadly it probably is a little boring, which is why most of us probably don’t do it enough.

We have a tendency to skip over the basic skills because we have the desire to move on to the more advanced flasher skills.

The desire to look cool has overtaken our desire to continually hone the basic skills.

This is a trait is often evident when coaching youth sports.

  • The 8-year-old footballer wants to practice his one hand catch.
  • The adolescent baseballer wants to smash every pitch in dramatic fashion.
  • The junior bike racer values flash and style over excellent bike handling and work capacity.

Instead of mastering the basics like the two-handed catch, the swing and eye contact in batting, or riding the damn bike, we fast forward through these critical steps.

Parents: praise your kids for mastering the basics before praising flashiness.

Coaches: praise your clients for master the basics before praising flashiness.

Adults are guilty too 

Kids aren’t the only ones that overlook the basics. Adults are guilty too. Or at least I am.

I hate bowling for example, but I notice anytime I try to do anything other than roll the damn ball it ends up in the gutter.  Instead of focusing on the strikes, the spin, or looking cool (as if that’s possible in bowling), I need to remain focused on the basics. Sliding the damn ball.

The amateur Tennis player can volley all day. But adding finesse, spin, or power leads to unforced errors and points for the opponent.

In Jiu Jitsu, skipping the basics leads to being crushed by sometimes an inferior advisory.

It takes mental toughness to continually perfect the fundamental movements of your sport. It takes heart to do something that sucks every day. But that is how champions are made.

I am not saying don’t push yourself to try new things, I am saying build a strong foundation to land on so you can keep pounding the pavement again and again and again.




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