Changing Course

I was recently asked how I feel about changing directions even if it means not reaching one of your goals.

How I feel is simple, take action fast.

Your goals are just that. Your goals. They are things that are personal to you.

If you are in pursuit of a goal and realize that it’s no longer the direction you want to go, then by all means. Turn around and do it quickly. Don’t continue traveling down the wrong road.

In the Coast Guard, our ships have autopilot. We’d set the desired GPS coordinates and the ship would, for the most part, pilot itself in the general direction. Obviously this wasn’t perfect and the crew would have to closely monitor and make corrections along the way, but nonetheless. The ship would keep traveling in that direction.

The destination, in this case, was our goal. Our target location.

However, sometimes the destination would change due to cases we were called to or even weather avoidance.

If that was the case, we wasted no time changing the direction of the ship toward our new destination.

We did not wait and continue traveling toward our new goal only to be stuck in a hurricane just so we could say we made it.

We made the course corrections and headed toward in the new directions without a second thought.

In Practice: 

The same practice is true with any goal. Goals are not commandments carved in stone tablets. They are targets you are aiming for.

Don’t feel bad when and if that target changes.

Make the adjustment, and keep pushing forward. If you don’t make the change, you will be trapped in a hurricane hundreds of miles away from where you should be.

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