Small wins everyday

A lot of people think they have to make these giant bold moved everyday or they are not going anywhere.

The truth is, even with small steps you are still going somewhere, maybe just not as fast.

Small steps every day add up a lot faster overtime than taking no steps at all.

They don’t have to be big leaps, just small consistent steps.

Want to be a better student? Study a little bit more everyday.

Want to break a few bad habits? Start with one at a time.

Want to eat a better diet? Start with one meal a day.

Want to wake up ealier? Start with 10 minutes.

Want to write more? Start with 100 words a day.

These small calculated steps are an investment in yourself. Over time these investments will add up and lay the foundation framework for your future best self. Think of this as a form of compound interest on your investment. Every day the percentage grows a little bit more and more.

Wars are not won or lost by just one battle. But rather through a series of smaller battles played out of months and even years. Each one of these battle is over a small strip of valuable land, a town, a port. They are not fighting for the entire country all at once. Just as you shouldn’t be fighting for your main goals without breaking them down into small battles.

In practice: 

Every day set small goals that are inline with a major goal you have. Then set out to attack these small goals every single day. Don’t over estimate yourself, or the time you have. Keep these daily goals small. Small chunks everyday add up fast.


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