Being Happy Now

All to often I hear coaching clients tell me, I’ll be happy when _____. This is a terrible way to think about things, and an even more terrible way to live your life. Do not ever wait until this or that to be happy.

Choose to be happy now. Choose to enjoy life and start living in the moment every day. Not once this or that happens. Do not ever think that you will be happy once the kids are out of school, or the kids are in school, or your spouse is on a new shift, or there are new officials in Washington, or the tax system changes.

If those days have not came yet, then chances are they will never come. I hate when people tell me they will be happy once the can muscle up, or lose 10 pounds, or drop clothes sizes. You have to find happiness in your everyday life right now. Stop waiting for the seasons to change to allow you to be happy.

If you can not learn to live in the moment and love your current life you will never be able to learn how to live in the moment and love your current life.

Drop everything – clear your mind and start doing this right now

  • Be grateful for what you already have 

The sooner you start being grateful for the opportunities, and current circumstances of your life – the sooner you will have more to be grateful for.

  • Live in the moment 

It is imporant to have goals for the future. Its also important to reflect back at where you have came from. But for god sakes, don’t live there. Accept the past, look forward to the future, and love every second of right now. These are the good old days.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year”.  This statement could not be any truer. Today is the day.

  • Smile, laugh, and love 

These small moments are the memories of the future. Stop and take note of them. Hug more. Complain less.

  • Show appreciation for people in your life

Show gratitude for the people, and things in your life that mean something to you. Those people who have helped you along the way, write them a thank you note, give them a call, stop by and say hello sometime.

Trust me, I know these things are easier said than done. I first had the realization that I needed to love my current life in order to get a better life during one of the lowest times of my life. I was working a job I hated, my life was completely out of balance, I was so focused on the future I was forgetting everything about the present. I was drinking heavily and relying on drugs to get through the day.

Then one day it hit me. If I cannot learn to love the circumstances around my life today, right now, I will never learn to love my life.

Focus on the positive aspects of your life, not the negatives. We all have negatives. Acknowledge them, and move on. They are a part of you but they don’t have to define you.


Make of list of 20 things you LOVE about your life.

  1. The sunrise
  2. The hot coffee in the morning
  3. Your family

So on…

You might hate your job (like I used to) but I can just about guarantee you like something about it. Hint: think- getting paid, your co-workers, your benefits, etc.

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