Action over Wishes

What are you doing to get closer to reaching your goals? One of my the clients had this goal to double is monthly income. He is a personal trainer and runs a popular website with a ton of free fitness content. One of his goals is to earn more passive income by selling his plans via his website.

During a coaching call, I asked him what type of action he had taken to get closer to reaching his goal. After what seemed like a few minutes of dead silence he timidly responded. Nothing, really. 

You need to focus on becoming the person you need to be –  in order to become the person you want to be. If my client wants to increase his online training presences, he needs to start thinking, talking, and acting in accordance with his goal.

Setting a goal is just the beginning, where most people fail is setting the goal and leaving it to faith or good luck. This is foolish.

The goal points you in the direction – it is up to you to take the first step. Sometimes that is a painful first step. Sometimes you need to give up who you are in order to become who you want to be.

That can be painful. It takes balls to change your life. Change your habit. Change your friends. And most difficult of all – changing your mindset.

So I ask you – what are you doing now to reach your goals? What action steps are you taking to get you closer to reaching your goals?

Setting goals is not enough. Yes, it is a great start. But setting the goal alone is not nearly enough to get you to achieve that goal. You need to take massive actions steps. It needs to be your number one focus. Obstacles are just speed bumps and pit stops are not permanent.

When you get knocked down, get up, shake it off and keep moving. 

When I was in the Coast Guard we used to methodically plan every trip in fine detail. Not only did we do this digitally to follow the GPS coordinates, we planned out thousands of miles spanning several nautical charts. Doing this by hand left of no excuse if our technology failed us.

We could not simply say, ah, GPS is done. I guess we are heading home. Negative. We’d bust out the paper plans and follow our progress by compass.

Not only did we plan our route, we used what was called compass checks to ensure we were still on the correct course. This was not a once a day process. Compass checks where used several times an hour.

A voyage that might take days was broken down into 15-minute increments to make sure we were on track. We did not wait until the GPS was down or wait until we were lost to take action.

Compass Check Your Life 

  • Set the goal
  • Plan the route
  • And check your progress 100’s of times per day.

If your even the slightest degree off course, make the adjustment and keep steaming toward your goal. Don’t wait until your lost to fix yourself.


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