Your goals suck

So many people take the set and forget approach to goal setting. They hastily think of something they want either in material possession or accomplishment. “Oh yeah, that’d be cool.” *Hastily set goal without a second thought.*

Rarely do people set goals that are actually going to get them someplace. I won’t bore you with a statistical analysis of how many new years resolutions have already failed. I’ll let you determine that one your own. How are your resolutions looking on this last week of February? Exactly.

Why do these fail? Because we fail in planning and preparation for a goal. We live in a want it, need it, have it now society. And to be honest – it’s pathetic. If our ancestors didn’t hunt, kill and gather their next meals – they weren’t eating.  If they didn’t gather firewood – they weren’t going to be warm or have the ability to cook their food. If they didn’t make the trek to the streams – they didn’t have water.

There was no uber, no 2-day free shipping, no 30 minutes or less or its free. There is and has never been such thing as a free lunch.

Instead, these people had to earn their next meal. They had to make a plan and stick with it. In essence, they had to set a goal. Today, we think we can write what we want on a piece of paper, or even worse remember the goal in our head, and poof we get it.

Doesn’t work out? Not my fault. Taxes are too high, blame Washington. I work too much, blame my boss. I’m out of shape, blame the drive-thru. Coffees to hot, blame Starbucks.  Trust me, it sucks but these things will never be just right. The stars will never align perfectly for you, or me, or anyone.

And that’s okay. There is no easy life. We have to work for what we want, and that’s fine.

There is no value in free.

Remember the last thing you got for free? I don’t. Why? Because we didn’t place any value on it. We could have easily paid $5, $10, or $100 for the same thing and we would have placed more value on it.

The same theory applies to goal setting. We don’t value, the things we don’t work for.  It is like doing a puzzle or playing a video game. Sure we can use a cheat code and slide through it but it doesn’t feel the same when we win that way. It is boring. There is no value in it.

Satisfaction comes from hard work. Satisfaction comes from hunting and gathering your next meal.

  • Try this for a mental exercise.
    • Plan your meals and snacks ahead.
    • Starting Sunday night, plan your meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
    • During these three days, don’t eat anything that wasn’t pre-planned. No last second trips to the drive-thru after practice, no take out for lunch, no bars or shakes leaving the gym.
    • Forget to plan Wednesdays lunch? Guess what? Don’t eat.

Bottom line, plan your life ahead. Stop being controlled by circumstances and start controlling them.

The same applies to your goals. Plan them accordingly. Before, during, and after setting them.

Just because you set a goal doesn’t mean it is going to happen. There is no 30-day warranty or money back guarantee in life.



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