The Best Investment

I love investing. I think having your money work for you is one of the best things you can do to ensure financial freedom down the road. Sure, I’ve paid the “stupid” tax a time or two and made poor investment decisions. But that is all part of the learning curve. One common misconception about investing is that you have to be wealthy to invest. Not true. You can start investing with as little as a couple hundred dollars.

There is another form of investing you can do with a little to no money up front at all. This is the type of investing I am most fond of.

That investing is, investing in yourself. So many people fail to invest anything measurable in themselves. And to be totally honest, it a pitiful shame and a waste to not invest in yourself.

Making an investment in yourself is something that will pay you back many times over. Best of all, these can often be free!!

At this point, you might be asking; How can I invest in myself?

Start with investing in your education, growth, and learning. Attending university or college is a great way to invest in your education, however, this approach also takes a huge financial investment as well. This might be something you either cannot afford or are not willing to fork over at this moment in time. Don’t worry. I’ve been there too. It’s hard to spend so much money on an education, especially if it is something you are not sure you even have the desire to pursue!

That was part of my early academic problem at least. I loved the learning and growth from college classes, these also came with there negative sideeffects. First off, I did not even know what degree I wanted to pursue. I bounced around changing my degree field several times before temporarly dropping out. (I went back years later and finished my degree, once I knew what I wanted to study.) Secondly, college is really dang expensively. Especially if you are trying to foot the bill yourself (like I did).

If this sounds like you, I don’t blame you for not wanting to “invest in yourself”. The good news, however, you don’t need to attend college to get an education. Start simple, and start small. The interest is FULL of free resources to help you learn about any topic you can imagine.

Another area, you can invest in is your health. I highly recommend joining a legitimate gym and learning the fundamentals from knowledgeable trainers, and coaches, but like college – this can often be expensive too. So, more good news! You can learn a lot of this, at home, for free. You can even start training and exercising in the comfort of your own living room with little, to zero equipment.

Invest in both your learning and your health. Start small and simple. Master a few basic concepts and start building from there. Most of these resources are free. Then when the time is right, enroll in some classes or join the local gym. But don’t want to start learning until you are a college student. And don’t wait to get fit before you start exercising. Start now, with whatever you have and build from there.

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