Learning from Set Backs

Sometimes life is just not fair. We mess things up at just the wrong moment out about things that are inevitable, that has already happened, or that may never happen. As humans or for that matter even as species on planet earth we sometimes have to deal with these types of situations.

Being able to deal with these types bumps in the road is what separates good people, from great people. Strong people, from weak people. I don’t know about you, but I want to live my life to the fullest capability possible.

To do that, I deal with the crappy situations in life. I accept them for what they are. I take responsibility for both the good and bad in my life.

We are all human. We all have to muck through the hard times. I am not immune to it. Just the other day I deleted my entire website by accident. The entire thing. 5+ years of workout plans, articles, discussions, etc, etc, etc. In the matter of a few clicks, it was friggin gone for good.

Did it suck? Yeah, big time. I had a minor break down for a few minutes, then I picked myself up and got back to work. Is this website going to be better than the first one? Yeah. I think so.

One thing I have learned is that we all get knocked down in life. If you are skating through life and never fall down, you’re not skating hard enough. You’re not pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone.

You are living safe, and safe is boring. No growth happens in safety. Children learn to walk by trying, and falling. Everytime they fall, they get back up and try again. Maybe not right away, but after the pain subsides from falling they try and try again.

Every time I fall down is a lesson learned. It is not necessarily a failure. Every time I fall down, I get back up and try again. And try again. And try again.

Life is not always about winning and losing. It’s about learning lessons and growing. To be completely honest. I am glad I have failed at something. I am glad some of my past projects and endeavors never made it past the development phase.

Life is about learning. If you stop learning, you’ve stopped living. It doesn’t matter if you 8 or 88. When there is an opportunity to learn, take it for all its worth. Some things won’t work out accept it and move on.

A few years ago, I took a real estate licensing course, but I never submitted my paperwork to get my license. I was asked why I bothered spending money on the course, and “wasting” my time studying for a license I never pursued. To be honest, the question took me by surprise. I never thought of it as wasting time or money. To me, it was not a waste. I learned just as much as those who did obtain their license. In fact, I may have learned an even more valuable lesson. The lesson was, I was interested in real estate, but I did not want to pursue it as a career choice.

Would I have been better off getting my license, and then getting a job in real estate just because that was the point of taking the licensing course even though I knew in my gut I didn’t want to? I don’t think so. What I learned from the course helped me making other investment decisions, just because I didn’t go get my license didn’t mean I didn’t learn and grow from the course.

After all, whats the point of life anyways? Learning!



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